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PTZ Cameras from Angekis

We offer best video conferencing cameras in Nepal. Being an authorized distributor for Angekis, we have different ranges of options available.

PTZ-camera premium for medium and large rooms. Ready for use immediately after connecting via USB or HDMI. 12X zoom, 20x zoom, 30x zoom, FullHD 1080p, shooting at 60 frames per second.

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Angekis SABER

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Saber USB 3.0 FULL HD Video Conference Camera Winner of Best USB PTZ Camera at the 2016 ISE Expo in the Netherlands. The most advanced camera in the lineup. The first direct connect USB 3.0 HD PTZ video conference camera with a desktop app control. The Saber breaks new ground by leaving behind overly complicated and expensive traditional PTZ video conference solutions.

Angekis BLADE

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The Blade USB2.0 HD PTZ Camera is the perfect high quality direct input USB 2.0 solution producing full HD video at 30fps. You’ll double take at the image quality of the Blade rivalling models selling at triple the price! The Blade is the perfect solution for small to medium sized conference rooms, huddle rooms, lecture theatres and more.

Angekis Curtana

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The Curtana USB2.0 HD PTZ Camera is the perfect wide angle HD video conference solution at a very affordable price. Like all the Angekis cameras the Curtana delivers a jam packed range of features including a 105 degree Field of view that ensure you can fit multiple people in the shot. This makes the Curtana perfect for small conference and huddle rooms.

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