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Conference and Meeting Room Zoom Rooms kit from an industry leader -Yealink!

YEALINK UVC50-CP960 Zoom Rooms

Yealink CP960-UVC50 Zoom Rooms Kit

Datasheet – Yealink CP960-UVC Zoom Rooms Kits Datasheet

Yealink UVC50 bundled with the CP960, is the brand-new video conferencing system released by Yealink that revolutionizes the Zoom Rooms meeting experience. Perfectly integrated with Zoom Rooms and Yealink cutting-edge audio & video solutions, the Yealink UVC50 will provide you with the meeting experience you deserve.

The room camera, the UVC50, is a professional grade video conferencing camera with full PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) operation, 5x optical zoom, and a 91° field of view. To create a clean room, and make it as easy to use as possible. The CP960 also integrates the Zoom Rooms Console and Audio into one tabletop unit. This tabletop console and speakerphone combo provide 360° voice pickup, clear audio, and background noise filtering.

YEALINK UVC80-CP960 Zoom Rooms

Datasheet – Yealink CP960-UVC Zoom Rooms Kits Datasheet

The Yealink CP960-UVC80 Zoom Rooms Kit is designed for medium and large meeting rooms. It is a complete Zoom Rooms package containing a full hardware suite (mini-PC, camera, audio devices) as well as the requisite software and license.

The Yealink CP960 Conference Phone runs on an Android-based OS and includes a five-inch multi-touch screen for a flawless Zoom Rooms console experience with no need for additional console devices. The inclusion of a pair of Yealink wireless microphones and the utilization of Yealink’s DECT technology enable voice pickup distance of up to 40 feet, allowing every meeting participant to be involved and clearly heard.

The Yealink UVC80 features a 12x optical PTZ camera for sharp, smooth and stable video with a deep focus field. The wide-angle horizontal field-of-view lens and adjustable camera angle provide a broad view of large conference rooms.

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