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LITUM Asset Tracking System with RFID

Counts up to 20 times faster than manual and bar-coded inventory tracking systems!

Can you make an inventory count at least once every 6 months?

Are you unsure of the accuracy of your inventory?

Can not find your equipment and fixtures?


LITUM RFID Asset Tracking System provides fast-error-free counting, control, tracking and monitoring.  It enables you to keep your existing inventory assets up-to-date and accurate in environments such as hospitals, manufacturing, offices, stores. Maintenance, calibration and misalignment warnings together with the different functions you need in asset management.

LITUM RFID Asset Tracking System Functions

  • Follow up with details such as cost center, location, department, service, maintenance-calibration date, supplier, invoice number, expiry date, date of purchase, amount, insurance policy number, validity date
  • Counter, fix search and find, location validation and warning functions for fixture in the wrong position
  • Adding photos and documents to the asset
  • Asset embedding, person and position transfer operations
  • Inventory history inquiry
  • Flexible methods for practical and fast inventory labeling
  • Compatible with RFID and barcode
  • Integration with mobile and fixed RFID readers
  • Geo-fencing for position limit for fixtures, trigger alarm alarm system
  • Web-based software, flexible integration with SAP
  • Easy label printing with pre-made template label designs
  • Cloud hosting option

LITUM RFID Asset Tracking System Products

  • M3 Orange mobile RFID reader
  •  Impinj Speedway RFID reader
  •  Litum 11 dBic RFID antenna
  • Durable metal surface labels: Confidex Ironside, Confidex Ironside Micro, Confidex Halo
  •  Printable metal surface labels
  • IT asset tags: Confidex Steelwave Micro, OmniID IQ 150
  • RFID tags for non-metal surfaces
  • RFID / Barcode Printer: Zebra ZT400, Sato CL4NX

LITUM RFID Asset Tracking System Applications

  • Multi-use transport equipment follow-up
  • Retail sales points fixture
  • Hospital medical equipment follow-up
  • Following production equipment
  • Hand tools follow
  • Office fixtures follow
  • Airport fixture
  • Bank fixture follow
  • IT equipment and electronic fixtures follow
  • Company fixture

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Benefits of RFID Asset Tracking and Management System

  • 20 times faster inventory count
  • High accuracy in availability and position information
  • Integrity in asset inventory records
  • Equipment maintenance, calibration status monitoring
  • Compliance of emergency aid equipment with safety procedures
  • Intelligent tracking system for internal audit and reporting processes

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