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IP-PBX  or IP-Telephony is an office (office) telephone exchange (PBX) that is switched by subscribers using H.323 or SIP protocol. IP PBXs are software that runs on an office server, virtual IP PBXs provided by telecommunications companies and hardware presented as separate devices. Connepsys Pvt Ltd is distributor for *astTECS which provides complete suite of Enterprise Telecom Products both premise and cloud based  solutions in Nepal. The Company is ISO 9001:2015 certified and follows strict quality management measures with 24/7 Global Support across the globe. *astTECS is first  Open Source Company to get the TEC certification on IP PBX products  as per Govt. Policy (TEC/10/2018-TC specifies compulsory certification from 01.09.2019)


Video calling & conferencing: *asttecs IP PBX supports superior quality video calling. Needs no other hardware except video cameras. Multiple participants and presenter can share their video simultaneously over the web using in-built or external webcam.

  • Desktop Sharing
  • Upload PDF/office documents
  • Whiteboard with text tools
  • Mute & un-mute participants
  • Public & private chat option

Smart phone with Wi-Fi client: *astTECS IP PBX can connect smart phone through SIP extension within Wi-Fi range. This feature helps to receive calls while roaming around the premise /nearby location.

Audio conference bridging: with in-built audio conference facility, *astTECS IP PBX enables all users to host conference calls with protected password. It supports multi-party conferencing with 6 or more people. The talker optimization feature enable the talker who are not speaking as being muted ensuring there is no build-up in background noise.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR): *astTECS IP PBX has in-built IVR solution which have the flexibility to create upto 9 levels and sub-levels. It supports multi language voice, custom greetings, text to speech and many other advanced features.

Voice Logger: *astTECS IP PBX has in-built call recording software which enables you to record both incoming & outgoing calls for quality monitoring and disputes resolution. You can filter the files based on source,destination, time and duration.

Distributed office setup: With *astTECS distributed office setup, you can connect office locations/branches for seamless communication. It eliminates site-to-site calling cost and can be managed from one location.

Voice mail to Email: The voice messaging capabilities in *astTECS IP PBX delivers productivity and efficiencies day-in and day-out. All extensions have voicemail option which enable user can send voice mail as an attachment with message notification. You may receive the mail even on your mobiles and reply to it.

Seamless integration with existing EPABX: *astTECS IP PBX can integrate seamlessly with existing EPABX and ensures to provide advanced features like – voicemail to email, IVR, distributed office setup, unlimited voice recording.

Fax to Email: *astTECS IP PBX has in-built fax solution to send fax through your PC and receive fax on any of your email clients.

Add on features

1. Web-based receptionist console: *astTECS IP PBX enables the operator to view the detail information about PBX activities in real time. It helps the operator to operate efficiently and perform quality monitoring with its enhanced features.

  • Action – Transfer to voicemail, transfer to external numbers, record calls, spy and whisper
  • Trunk Button – Show call count for trunks, call details, caller id and channels
  • Conference Button – Lock/unlock conference, mute/unmute member, remove participants
  • Queue Button – Call waiting and timers.

2. WhatsApp Integration: Integrate WhatsApp with any IP PBX System for Improving a  better CX Experience with Customers with Addon Feature, Missed Call Marketing, Customer Support, Alert and Notification.

3. PRI Integration
4. CRM Integration
5. GSM Integration

Product Variant

  • ast e25 – IP PBX for up to 25 extensions
  • ast e50 – IP PBX for up to 50 extensions
  • ast e100 – IP PBX for up to 100 extensions
  • ast e200 – IP PBX for up to 200 extensions
  • ast e300 – IP PBX for up to 300 extensions
  • ast e500 – IP PBX for up to 500 extensions
  • ast e1000 – IP PBX for up to 1000 extension

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