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Transform Your Conferencing Experience

We provide best video conferencing speakerphone in Nepal.

Successful video and web conferencing call communications depend on good audio endpoints, which will lead to better understanding, less cost, and more – that you’ll never want to call without it.

Advance Audio Technology
ANGEKIS conference speakerphones adopted advanced noise and echo cancellation technology, automatic room acoustic profiling technology and unique full duplex conversation technology.

Unique Microphone Selection
Three built-in microphones provide 360 degree audio capture, all participant’s talk can be captured at same stable sound level. Use only one microphone pointed to the talk can receive the voice more clearly.

Compact but Powerful
Ultra-low power consumption for running no burden to your systems. High fidelity loudspeaker provides full spectrum sound up to 94dB. No longer will people have to lean close or shout to be heard.


Cleartalk ASP-01

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ASP‐01 conference speakerphone is specially designed home based worker, on‐line education, and small business conference room, to replace the PCs and mobile phone’s speaker and microphone with outstanding audio quality. Get Quotations For Nepal Through ANGEKIS Distributor "Connepsys PVT LTD."

Cleartalk Wireless ASP-02

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The Angekis cleartalk is the perfect portable and wireless USB microphone for video conferencing complete with a charging dock for wireless charging. With a full-duplex omni directional microphone the Cleartalk ASP-04 utilizes a direct 2.4GHz wireless USB receiver meaning no more work pairing bluetooth devices with a low quality audio connection! This plug and play wireless system will change your opinion on “Wireless USB Microphones”. Its so easy to use, simply turn on the speakerphone and plug in the wireless USB receiver. No pairing! Get Quotations For Nepal Through ANGEKIS Distributor "Connepsys PVT LTD."

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