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IP-PBX  or IP-Telephony is an office (office) telephone exchange (PBX) that is switched by subscribers using H.323 or SIP protocol.

IP PBXs are software that runs on an office server, virtual IP PBXs provided by telecommunications companies and hardware presented as separate devices.

Employees in the office connect to an IP-PBX using a softphone or IP phone, as well as using fixed telephones connected to an IP-PBX through special VoIP gateways and SIP GSM gateways to connect mobile communications.

The big advantage is that IP PBX can be connected even without pulling the cable, and devices can be located thousands of kilometers from the IP PBX.

Using IP-PBX allows you to solve the daily tasks of your business, significantly reducing the monthly payments for telephone.

Here you will find the optimal solution, and our experts will help you choose the IP-PBX model.

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