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Video Walls

We have on offer video walls for immersive displays during any video conferencing. To check our video walls please contact us. We are pioneer company offering video walls services for video conferencing in Nepal.

Video walls CleverMic is a combination of clarity, high quality of the displayed image, brightness and saturation in one device. Each display is designed to take into account the possible maximum load. The screens function perfectly 24/7, assuming a heavy load on the system.

To create a truly high-quality product, CleverMic engineers performed many tests. As a result, we managed to create a really reliable modular video wall with a long service life. Ultra-thin inter-panel seam from 1.7 mm allows to obtain a single image of high quality of unlimited sizes.

In our catalog there are 10 varieties of walls from LCD panels, among them there are video walls 2×2 and 3×3.

Advantages of video walls from CleverMic:

  1. A wide range of devices with an ultrathin weld from 1.7mm to 3.5mm
  2. High quality and brightness of the displayed picture
  3. Anti-reflective coating
  4. Viewing angle 178×178
  5. Work in the mode 27 / 7-365 days
  6. Screen Thickness
  7. Display Resource
  8. Silent work

Producer of video walls CleverMic supplies equipment to information and situational centers, dispatching rooms, conference rooms, meeting rooms, television studios, museums, galleries, shopping and business centers, exhibitions, etc.

With CleverMic you will be able to choose the optimal solution for your tasks!

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