TrueConf Server

TrueConf Server - the most technologically advanced videoconferencing server

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TrueConf Server software:

  • Developed continuously since 2003.
  • In more than 1,500 companies globally
  • It operates on over 25,000 workstations and conference rooms
  • The largest installation of over 3 million users!
  • Attractive prices and flexible licensing system
  • The perfect solution for: business, administration, education, telemedicine

TrueConf Server (Video Conferencing Server) is a high performance video conferencing server that ensures high quality even at low bandwidth. Specially designed algorithm allows to combine video multipoint conferences for 25 participants on the screen or video meetings in which 250 participants can participate. TrueConf Server has low hardware requirements and works on all Microsoft Windows Server systems.

TrueConf Server combines the functions of: MCU, gatekeeper, presence server, STUN server, directory service server, recording and streaming server in relation to traditional, competitive solutions.

TrueConf Server uses the potential of SVC encoding and the revolutionary VP8 video codec, which guarantees the best quality possible for each participant of group video conferencing, even for unstable or low bandwidth connections.

On-premises video conferencing core

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On-Premises TrueConf Server allows companies to conduct secure communications on LAN, WAN, VPN and Intranet. It ensures the security and efficiency of communications.

Support For Up to 36 On-screen Participants

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TrueConf symmetric conferences can show up to 36 on-screen participants on desktops and up to 9 users on mobiles in a mode where everyone can see and hear each other simultaneously.

Up to 250 Participants in a Single Conference

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Using our role-based conference mode you can put hundreds of users together in a single conference where each participant can be assigned as one of 6 Speakers by the conference Owner. All other participants can give feedback using audio replies and chat.

Join a Conference Via a Link From Any Device

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Any TrueConf conference can be made public with access via URL. You won’t need any cloud web conferencing services anymore. We guarantee the ease of use and high communication quality in WebRTC or our special single-use client applications. The most important thing is that everything stays under your control.

Video Conferencing Collaboration

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Upload your PowerPoint® presentation At any moment during a conference you can start showing your desktop or a separate application window in real time instead of your camera video.

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