How to make connections between H.323 devices and the TrueConf Client application?

The TrueConf server allows you to make connections between TrueConf client applications and H.323 devices, and invite H.323 devices for multilateral connections. The number of H.323 connections in the full server version is limited in accordance with the terms of the license (5 or 10 simultaneous connections in H.323 via the TrueConf Gateway).

The free version of TrueConf Server Free is limited to one H.323 connection (no matter if it is one H.323 participant in a group conference or a 1-to-1 video connection with H.323 device).

We will teach you how to connect to H.323 devices / applications and TrueConf Client client applications. We will use Polycom RealPresence as an H.323 client.

How can a TrueConf user make 1-1 connections to the H.323 device?

Method I.

Enter the TrueConf Client in the white box next to the green # h323 handset: @ IP_ device_H.323 and press the green receiver.

H.323 video call

Sp. II

We add the H.323 device to the contact list in the address book or the administrator can do it from the TrueConf Server level. The contact ID should look like this: # h323: @ IP_rojects_H.323, the name can be any.

H323 video conference

We make calls in the same way as with other participants from the contact list.

H.323 connection

How can a TrueConf user invite an H.323 device to a group conference?

Method 1

We create a conference on the TrueConf Server side

In TrueConf Server, go to the Group Conferences tab, and then click Create. In the new window “Create a new group conference” fill in all fields. Add the H.323 device in the Participants section. To do this, use the Add ID field:

h323 video server

Method II

Creating a conference on the TrueConf Client application side

Enter the Group Conference menu in the TrueConf Client application, add the H.323 device to the list of participants and click the Start button.

h323 multilateral videoconferencing

How can the H.323 device make a connection to the TrueConf Server user? 
To connect to a TrueConf user, you must know the TrueConf user ID and the TrueConf Server IP address. Then from the H.323 device, select: IP_TrueConf_Server ## user_ID, e.g. ## hubert.oszkiel

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