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We have introduced all-in-one video conferencing device in Nepal which has camera, speaker and noise/echo cancelling microphone in one unit.


TOLEDO is complete Conferencing Solution which integrates Microphone , Speakers and Camera into one unit making it instrumental product for HUDDLE ROOMS and meeting rooms.


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TOLEDO is a digital conference video phone integrated with audio and a wide-angle camera. It is most suited for a small to medium size conference room (6 to 10 participants) and even for personal use. TOLEDO supports various audio and video conferencing softwares such as Skype, Gotomeeting and Zoom without the need to install any drivers, simply plug and play. It also can be used as an external microphone & speaker for your computer. High quality video and audio experience Equipped with a 1080P HD camera, it provides users with high quality video streaming, high definition real-time synchronized screen, and an excellent audio pick up of up to 3 meters radius or 6 meters diameter.

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